Is Shopping Online Better for Environment?

In a changing world and climate, we have to focus on things that could help us to cope with drastic happenings and build a strong environment around us. This could be done by letting nature heal on its own and make a shield of protection. As our globe is running out of everything like Fuel, Water, Ozone, and even the […]

Why You Should Shop Online?

Is online shopping good? or we should go for offline markets? What’s best online shops and why we should use eCommerce sites for purchasing grocery, clothes and other items online? All other and these questions will be answered here in a quick way and you will understand why you should shop online and save time, money and potential risk of […]

Tips for Saving on Back-to-School Shopping

Make use of tax-free days 16 different states offer tax-free “holidays” at the beginning of August.  Make use of them!  Check out a list of which states offer them when here. Collect materials from around the house first The first rule of thumb before making any purchases is checking whether you even need to make any.  You’d be amazed by how […]

The McDonalds’ of Style: Fast Fashion

Quick, fast, maybe not so quality.  H&M and Zara are like the McDonald’s and Burger King of fashion, and just as those restaurants did to the food industry decades ago, these outlets are similarly changing the face of fashion—so much so, in fact, that the two brands have been labeled “fast fashion.” Fast fashion store Primark What is fast fashion, […]