Top 6 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior Design Trends for 2021

Fashion’s a fickle thing. A style will only have been out on the market for a few months or a few years before everyone inexplicably shuns it. While not nearly as fast-moving as fashion, interior design follows a similar course–in for a few years, out the next. If you’re thinking of remodeling your home, try out this year’s new trends!

Lighter wood

Interior Design Trends

Like summer?  This trend’s right up your alley.  People are eschewing darker, finished wood for a simpler, more natural look via bleaching, lyming, painting lighter colors, or simply leaving the wood unfinished and natural.  The lighter tone creates an illusion of larger space and a light, airy feel to a room, evoking a feeling of summer all year round.


Interior Design Trends

Olive, spring green, teal, forest green—take your pick.  Green’s in.  Although all ranges of green are hot right now, emerald is by far the most popular—so much so, in fact, that Pantone recently declared it the Color of the Year.  Many designers are pairing it with eggplant colors for a nice contrasting effect.


Interior Design Trends

Brass has been shunned by interior designers for some time now for looking dated and old-fashioned, but its roaring popularity this year reminds us that at the end of the day, brass is still a timeless classic.  It pairs well with other metals and mixes well in most interior design styles, exuding a sense of warmth wherever it’s placed.  For all the class brass adds to a design, it actually doesn’t cost much, which makes it an affordable choice in any budget.  Copper, meanwhile, is also seeing a resurgence for similar reasons, but is limited to upperclass homes because of its high price tag.


Interior Design Trends

Stripes aren’t just “in” in fashion—they’re all the rage in interior design, too!  Perfect for making loud, bold statements, bold red and black-and-white patterns are the most popular choices right now.  For best results, stripes should be paired with minimalist décor and be the only loud thing in the room.  This way, the stripes can properly stand out and avoid making the room too noisy.


Interior Design Trends

No need to stop at simple straight lines—geometric shapes are also in!  Like stripes, they offer a fresh, clean look that harkens back to the 1950s, which designers credit to the popularity of the show Mad Men.


Interior Design Trends

Want a softer touch to your home?  Combine smaller floral patterns with neutral colors as fabric covers or wall decor for a soft, warm, feminine touch.  Alternatively, you can go for bigger florals with bold colors to create a loud statement, à la stripes.

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