Popular Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2021

Popular Swimsuit Trends for Summer 2021

Temperatures are rising, the sun’s shining, and the humidity’s choking us.  Safe to say that summer is owed an official welcome. And with summertime comes beach time! If you’re in need of a new bathing suit or just want to make sure your suit is still chic, we’ve got you covered (in more ways than one!).


Zeraca Women’s Surplice Neckline High Waisted Halter One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

Going along with the general throwback to the 1950s in almost all walks of fashion this year, retro-style bathing suits have become extremely popular.  Tops are bustier and have lower necklines, and bottom pieces have high waists.  The style flaunts curves and makes legs look longer, so it’s a perfect choice for curvy and/or short people.  It’s also a good choice for heavier people; the high waist tends to have a bit of a slimming effect on the stomach.

Ruffles, fringes, and flounces

La Blanca Women’s Island Goddess Wrap Underwire Push Up Bikini Swimsuit Top

Another popular trend leans towards the frilly with lots of fringes, ruffles, and flounces.  Both bottoms and tops are fair game, and you can find them on virtually any bathing suit style.  Ruffles do a great job of accentuating whatever part of the body they’re on, so if you have a boyish waist or small chest, definitely spring for this style.  Of course, this works both ways—if you’re self-conscious about your large hips or chest, do yourself a favor and steer clear.


Beautyin Womens Floral Striped Halter High Neck Bikini Swimsuit Set Cross Back

Mismatching bikini pieces isn’t exactly a new trend, but it’s worth mentioning because it’s still as popular as ever.  Done the right way, mismatched bikini tops and bottoms can draw more “wow” factor than those in the same color or print.  If you’re not one to splurge on several different bikini sets, you can spring for a black bottom and several different tops for  the same effect, since black bottoms pretty much go with anything.

Color Blocking

Related to mismatching is color blocking.  Do it wrong, and the result can be, well, embarrassing, but done well, it makes a huge, bold statement.  As a general rule of thumb, bright colors make the biggest statements, and only certain colors can go together (check this out to find out what’s acceptable with what).  White bottoms and colored tops are always a safe choice.

REKITA Womens Long Sleeve Rashguard Shirt Color Block Print Tankini Swimsuit

Digital Prints

If you’re not as big of a fan of bikinis, monos can be just as fun.  Digital prints are hugely popular right now, and there are a million different types—floral, abstract, even realistic animals or people.  Go bold and go loud!