Latest Custom Printed Shipping Box Designs and Trends for Subscription Services

Over 70% of enterprise leaders said that subscription business models will be the key catalysts in their prospects henceforward. This makes it essential to acquire worthy custom printed shipping boxes fit for every purpose.

With the increased revenues of subscription businesses like Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon, more and more enterprises are entering this marketplace to feed upon rising customer curiosity. Many corporations are moving towards adopting a hybrid business structure wherein subscription plays a major role in sales.

The biggest risk that companies report is that they find it hard to convert buyers into loyal customers. About 63% of media publishers say that turning audiences into paying subscribers is a major challenge when selling subscription products.

However, the good news is that this problem has an effective solution in the form of renewed shipping boxes. Let us is dive into how these work best for your subscriptions.

Why do modern industry trends help in packaging?

Creating workable and trendy shipping boxes is the lifeline for newest and small subscription brands that may not have access to other rigorous marketing materials.

Even for established firms like Amazon, there is no better substitute for efficient boxes that trade the products for stronger brand recognition.

Recent industry perceptions and changing customer dynamics play a key function in shaping up the boxes so they resonate with customer tastes. Subscription products offer more than just the required functionalities; they provide consumers with a ‘feel good’ sentiment.

Being thorough with the current box designs and knowing how to fit them into your regular packaging can turn the tables in your favor. Read on to know more.

custom printed shipping boxes

One:  Quirky box styles

Going for shipping custom boxes doesn’t have to be conventional in terms of box appearance. Innovation in box-making technology and ample professional assistance has made it easier to get the subscription boxes in creative formats.

The recent trend is to intrigue customers by giving them a sneak peek into the products beforehand. Once customers receive their subscriptions, they look forward to opening the boxes. Little offbeat elements add to their excitement and make the whole shopping experience more retainable.

The boxes can be obtained in different custom sizes and color hues. Every subscription product can be represented with a unique color that goes with the brand image and complements the product inside.

Two: keeping it basic                                                                                                  

Talking about colors, the current trend in the subscription markets is to keep the box shades simple and elegant.

The era of neon and mixtures of multiple colors have long passed. Now it is more about impressing customers with a regal blend of monotones and understated color combos. It makes it convenient for customers to memorize the brand image. Apple and Tiffany have been doing so for a while now.

You can print the top box covers with just the brand image and singular color shades and print the details on the inside. Alternatively, every box corner can be used to depict branding components one by one. For example, placing the logo on top, business web portals on the flaps, and welcome notes on the inner box side are seen mostly on the latest subscription boxes.

Three: Reducing the use of lengthy descriptions

One other trend is to keep the content language simple and short. Customers are busier than before and do not want to go through lengthy descriptions to get the point.

Be mindful of what content you want to get across and shun extra texts. Graphics are an effective alternative to using a lot of details. Illustrations are interesting to see and the messages are understood more clearly.

Today, it works better for branding to use the printing effects and resources for putting personalized texts on the boxes. Customers highly prefer forming a direct link with their subscription brands. Other brand and product details can be communicated by encouraging buyers to visit online portals stated on the custom printed shipping boxes.

Four: Leading the way in innovation

Anything quirky works these days. The best thing about changing trends is that you can set up your rules and experiment with innovative box appeal.

Customers are all for experiencing a one-of-a-kind unboxing process. They would definitely appreciate the thought and effort put into creating exclusive shipping boxes.

Another creative design pattern trending currently is the use of symmetric lines. It again contributes to the sophisticated and apprehend able brand image that contemporary customers prefer to see. Moreover, picking exclusive tag lines can also work wonders for the business. Customers often remember the brand and attach sentiments to it according to the marketing taglines.

custom boxes

How to achieve the desired box look?

Now that you know what is presently in fashion as far as subscription packaging is concerned, the next part is getting on to doing it.

The whole process may feel a little overwhelming but the trick is to take one step at a time. Start by:

  • Identifying the brand marketing goals. Focus on the branding aspect that you aim to get across.
  • Reduce traditional box printing formats. Using offbeat box spaces and layout helps to enhance the brand appeal.
  • Look for design elements that would pertain to the intended customer group. Not all customer groups respond to the same designs, content, and appearance.
  • Inflate customers’ subscription patterns by offering discount vouchers inside the boxes. It adds more value proposition to the business image and encourages higher repeat purchases.
  • Stay as true to the core brand values as possible. The boxes shouldn’t seem to possess a distinct image as compared to the overall branding.

You will be amazed at how much difference just a little thought and effort can have on the way customers perceive your brand. The subscription boxes travel through multiple customer touchpoints and so have the power to radiate brand promotions strongly. Using them well is crucial to survival in the thriving subscription markets.


Considering the current customer preferences matters when creating custom printed shipping boxes for subscription products as mentioned in this article.